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2024--Joan of Arc Ascending




2014--Shakespeare Crackpot

2011--Teaching Hamlet

2010--Rant Demon

2008--Teaching the Fringe

2006--Teaching As You Like It
(Teaching Shakespeare 3)

2004--Lunatic Van Beethoven

2003--Teaching Witchcraft

2002--Is Shakespeare Dead?

2001--Teaching Detroit
(Teaching Shakespeare 2)

1999--Teaching Shakespeare

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teaching shakespeare

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French Translation of
Teaching Shakespeare:
Fou de Shakespeare



  • Saskatoon Fringe 2005
  • Winnipeg Fringe 2005
  • Ottawa Fringe 2005
  • Wildside Festival 2004 - Centaur Theatre (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Toronto Fringe 2003
  • Montreal Fringe 2003



"Keir Cutler is wonderful in this one-man play portraying a 15th-century priest dedicated to eliminating witchcraft; the audience is the class and he's the teacher explaining the devious ways of witchery. While the spectators get to laugh at the hilarious script and the avuncular Cutler, this play is as much about horror as it is about fun. The challenge for Cutler is to satirize the witch-hunts without diminishing the suffering of the persecuted. The play finds that balance, and hammers home a message about the dangers of orthodoxy and the misogyny at work in early modern Christianity, with the audience chuckling all the way."

Jay Nathwani, Eye (Toronto), July 10, 2003


"compact, well-written and cunningly performed"
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Robert Ormsby,


"Keir Cutler's Teaching Witchcraft, a primary-source comedy, soaked this professional skeptic's robes of office with tears of helpless laughter ... Witchcraft guru Cutler has rented space in a Catholic church to add a certain historical piquancy to his latest blasphemies. Dr. Keir sticks with his encyclopedic research and eye-rolling theatricality to jam his attack on dogma's dementia into higher gear.

As witch-hunter Blessed Heinrich the Great, Cutler rails against women, er, witches, with the foaming-mouth vehemence of a religious pervert cloaked in the majestic power of old-time religion.

Teaching Witchcraft is an act that's good enough to be banned from every college campus in the former British Empire for reasons of public safety. Like Cutler's well-known Shakespeare heresies, it could kill too many in the old faculty-lounge crowd."

Matt Radz, The Montreal Gazette, June 19, 2003