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2024--Joan of Arc Ascending




2014--Shakespeare Crackpot

2011--Teaching Hamlet

2010--Rant Demon

2008--Teaching the Fringe

2006--Teaching As You Like It
(Teaching Shakespeare 3)

2004--Lunatic Van Beethoven

2003--Teaching Witchcraft

2002--Is Shakespeare Dead?

2001--Teaching Detroit
(Teaching Shakespeare 2)

1999--Teaching Shakespeare

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Shakespeare Crackpot:


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French Translation of
Teaching Shakespeare:
Fou de Shakespeare


SHAKESPEARE CRACKPOT is part autobiographical monologue, part comic characters, and part lecture, with Keir Cutler taking a look back at his twelve years of being a believer in the "crackpot" conspiracy theory that Shakespeare did not write Shakespeare. The piece has played the Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals. The Winnipeg Free Press gave the monologue its highest FIVE STAR rating stating, "Montreal's Keir Cutler delivers a rollicking professorial rant about the value of higher education and the authorship question." SHAKESPEARE CRACKPOT is the fourth consecutive monologue of Keir's directed by Fringe god, TJ Dawe, ("Teaching As You Like It" -2006, "Teaching the Fringe" -2008, "Rant Demon" -2010).



"Sarcastic and cutting, Shakespeare Crackpot is a high-energy lecture, blended with the autobiography of a man who has spent his life in academia. Keir Cutler is as funny as he is intelligent while he passionately discusses his subject. Though Shakespeare purists may not agree with what Mr. Cutler has to say, everyone is sure to be entertained by how he says it."

Inside Ottawa, 2016, Elspeth Wright.

"I'm always a good listener when in the presence of a fine storyteller and I would gladly listen to any of Dr Cutler's seminars. What followed was a thoughtful and sarcastic debate between a teacher and a student about the authorship of William Shakespeare's works. With a (bully) pulpit, a bench, a few books, a bust of Shakespeare and only one quick sip of water during his 50-minute performance, Professor Cutler gave us an amazing lesson: shouldn't we all think for ourselves?"

The Charlebois Post. Bruno Lajeuness

"Shakespeare Crackpot is the latest monologue by Fringe Festival staple Keir Cutler. . . . Cutler, right off the top, is very engaging, well-spoken and well researched. . . . Cutler's biting criticism of the world of academia is insightfully hilarious and is very tongue in cheek." Matthew Champ

"Keir Cutler is a FRINGE veteran, and while he's known for his Shakespeare-themed efforts, this one feels a little different. Retelling Cutler's own experiences as a literature student, and incorporating a healthy dose of Montreal content, this show is less about the Shakespeare controversy itself as it is an intriguing study of the world of academia. Cutler is, as always, a lively and endearing performer, and by the time the show reaches its thought-provoking conclusion, he's won the whole room over. Highly recommended." by Churcher White

"Cutler's lecture is brilliant and beautifully constructed. He is particularly delightful portraying the professors and defenders of academic nonsense. If you have never seen one of Keir Cutler's rants, do go see this one. It rocks Shakespeare and delightfully mocks all those lecturers and professors who stank up our academic lives."

The Rover by Anna Fuerstenberg

"Cutler delivers an eye-opening, passionate performance in this self-confessional, documentary-style show. Literary conspiracy has never been so entertaining as what's offered in "Shakespeare Crackpot."

Stuart Nulman,