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2024--Joan of Arc Ascending




2014--Shakespeare Crackpot

2011--Teaching Hamlet

2010--Rant Demon

2008--Teaching the Fringe

2006--Teaching As You Like It
(Teaching Shakespeare 3)

2004--Lunatic Van Beethoven

2003--Teaching Witchcraft

2002--Is Shakespeare Dead?

2001--Teaching Detroit
(Teaching Shakespeare 2)

1999--Teaching Shakespeare

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French Translation of
Teaching Shakespeare:
Fou de Shakespeare


written and performed by Keir Cutler

directed by Paul Van Dyck

"Magnificence" is Keir's tenth original monologue. This new work is based on Keir's relationship with his late mother, May Ebbitt Cutler, (1923-2011), former mayor of Westmount, Quebec, founder of Tundra Books and the author of the award-winning, highly-praised memoir set during her childhood at Mont Tremblant during the 1930s, "I Once Knew An Indian Woman." A book that had a great effect on Keir as a child. The New York Times reviewed her book in 1973 stating, "Simplicity isn't easy to find any more and neither is goodness. In this story they are stunningly exemplified . . . " The work is directed by the award-winning, Paul Van Dyck.

"Magnificence" opened at the Montreal Fringe Festival on May 29, 2019, and received a rave review ". . . a touching story of goodwill, generosity, and humanity that no audience member will forget!" Montreal Theatre Hub.

"Magnificence" was awarded "Best English Text" at the Montreal Fringe and went on to rave reviews at the 2019 Ottawa and Winnipeg Fringe Festivals.

Paul Van Dyck (director) is a writer, director, performer, and the Artistic Director of Rabbit in a Hat Productions. He has received numerous awards including The Revelation Award (MECCA), Outstanding Direction (META), and Best Production (New York Frigid Festival, Atlantic Fringe, and Montreal Fringe). Paul was a participant of the Shaw Festival's Neil Munro Directors Project and a National Forum Representative for the Playwrights Guild of Canada. Paul is also directing "The Trophy Hunt" at the Montreal Fringe and will next participate in Directors Lab Mediterranean in Beirut. His play, "Siberian Summer," will be part of the Segal Centre's next season. His personal website is